Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank You I.F.

I cracked my fork a few months, or maybe even longer ago. Rode it long enough for the first small crack to rust a bit. Then a second small crack on the opposite side of the crown appeared a month or two ago with noticeable creaking.

Started researching forks, rakes, A-C lengths, prices, availability etc. from Niner, Vicious, Igleheart, IRD, Salsa, Wily, Willits, Walt and more. Decided to call IF and ask about their prices, lengths, and delivery time. While talking to Kevin the sales guy, he asked if it was an IF fork that cracked, and said that it could be a warranty replacement. I told him I probably voided any warranty by having Chuck B. weld on some lawyer tabs to the dropouts (not having any safety there often made me nervous). Kevin said if it didn't crack near those welds, send it in and he and Lloyd would check it out.

Cut to the end of story, a shiny new fork arrives a few days ago in my original color. Thank you Kevin, Lloyd and Independent Fabrications. The new one has small lawyer tabs, I like that. And thank you Kegley for loaning me that sweet Vassago replacement for the past month.

Now, if I can just get this frame to crack, maybe I can get a disc tab and a hanger put on the rear.......

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brett said...

a hanger? for gears? huh?