Friday, May 08, 2009

Economic Experiment

If it's built, will you come?

I don't have the words in me to describe the new Raystown trail experience. There were so many great quotes overhead this weekend, and there was a lot of stout flowing, so most of them are forgotten. A few of the quotes are scattered below. A few pics, though most turned out too blurry. I need a faster camera to capture the flow and speed of Raystown, something that isn't much of a problem shooting someone cleaning a slow techy section in Michaux. There will be plenty of other stories and photos about the weekend out in the interwebworld, especially from Dirt Rag. Search those out if you want the full story.

There were more than 200 riders there, and it was like we were all little kids waiting for a new amusement park to open so we could ride the big roller coaster.

two of the many master coaster builders involved here

"uncontrollable giggling"

"Michaux: more ghetto than you"

Jody knows how to rail a berm.
"Best use ever of my tax dollars"

Look who's the cover boy for the brochure. It's the drunken chute documentary producer. They used Kegley's photo, and one of mine of the Big Dawg on the inside.

Check out this video, the crash at the end. There are 100s of rollers like these all over the 30+ miles. You get a lot of chances to smack a tree. "...the only technical thing here is your speed..."

I even discovered there are some rocks on the Raystown trails, and allegedly even more on the southern section which I didn't get to ride. But it's certainly not the rocks that are the draw here. For me, it's the speed and flow, and the numerous opportunities to eat bark (Ride Good or Eat Wood?).


Scot said...

Good post Larry. It was good fun hanging with the MBM crew this weekend. Maybe we'll actually ride next time. Thanks for the mini-beerfest-tasting-event Saturday night!

camps said...

Nice to finally meet you Scott, and your small crew as well.

I think I missed the benefit of some of those later evening tastings. Maybe I should've been spitting it out like the wine and coffee testers do.. Funny how beer tasters never say that...

Zach said...

sweet right up ;-) (yes i know) sounds like a really good weekend....i really wish I would have made it up and that just made me wish even more. take it easy old man ;-) I'll try and get down to the track next week.