Sunday, April 19, 2009

spring race

Man, this maximus is gonna be one meaty manly dealy. Those 42 or 47 miles are going to put you in the cave. Yes, it's true that the designer course features some of the best trail that Norchaux has to offer. And it's also true that there will be a lot of work connecting to the fun dashed line sections.

We rode many sections of the course again today. A lot of it is still soft, as am I. Cycling is a volume-based sport, and I am clearly lacking volume. It's true that the more times my legs spin in circles, the more prepared I will be. Coasting, and pumping is not the same thing as riding. No photos today, not even close. The rubber band snapped often, falling far back out of sight, hearing the calls and songs of the slummin' man from the hills ahead. I could almost keep contact with the Mule, after he nearly sliced himself in half on a hard fall on a sharp fin-shaped rock. We had nearly 2 more hours of riding to do, and the Mule only got stronger.

This Friday will actually be my first road ride of the year. I need to spin more often.


pabiker said...

Lars - the road make you strong like bull. Bull catch mule.

Michaux Racer said...

You are strong Larry. Larry no one can ride with you.

Matt Donahue said...

Looking forward to the 42 or 47 or the cave of pain. See you Sunday.