Wednesday, April 29, 2009

flow no

My work trip this week took me deeper into Virginia and my drive home took me within a mile or two of a new pump track. Nice that riding a pump track doesn't take 2+ hours to get a good ride in, and was a nice break in the day. This track is not in-town, it's out at a park which has several miles of multi-use trails. The pump track is actually out amongst the trails, about a mile or so from the parking lot.

It winds among the trees, and covers a lot of space. The track is much bigger than Chambersburg's, with many line options (too many to try to count). It seems like they tried to do way too much and build too many lines. The track has very little flow and fun, and most of the berms make you slow way down instead of accelerate you out of the turn. Many of the line junctions are choppy, with one set of rollers not exactly matching up with the next set of rollers, and many places where it seemed the best line was to roll the skinny part on top of a berm. I saw their tool cache, and could tell they're working on a S-turn section and other tweaks, so I'll try it again next time I'm in that area.

Learned that a huge pump track is planned for Lake Fairfax Park (Rich's masterpiece perhaps?), and hopefully one at another park in a different part of the county.


brett said...

It is cool that it's amongst the trees. I like that. Makes me think...

Ben said...

Man, that's too bad, I left them with a very basic start that did work. I wonder if it is the same guys digging, or if there are new folks that adopted it. I will be up at Fairfax, come say hey. On the upside of the Ashland track, at least they are trying to improve what was there.