Sunday, January 18, 2009


Blue Knob knocked me back in my place. After a feel good session at Whitetail on Friday, on the newly forming bumps, under the soft snow blow, I finally was getting some decent runs down exhibition and thought another corner was turned.

Today I was schooled by narrow trails, woody lines, brush, snakes, and general Blue Knob steepness. Buchness gave me the Blue Knob version of steep and soft, hitting mostly trails I'd never tried before. Most of it was fun, but I was fighting it all day, constantly on my tails, not charging forward into hard, narrow turns. Mike tore it up on his fat Atomics, getting every line calm and controlled. The first glades were just opened up, and they're still in need of a lot of ski pruning. The steeper glades still need more snow and no more melting. Then they could all use some tracking. So, everyone, go pack down BK's glades please.

Scouted out another x-c touring spot on the way home. It took me near a couple of the finest towns in Pennsylvania.

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