Sunday, January 11, 2009

reality <> expectations

not at all what I was hoping to see
contrast my reality Saturday against those previous snowy shots
Blue Knob was much more on the challenging side than the epic side,
was there before they opened, and lasted 'till 1:00 hoping the blue radar would finally arrive,
it arrived briefly at noon, then the pink radar overtook it as I left.
today was much more fun
skiing better snow at Whitetail with different folks throughout the day,
Kim, Oliver, and Tiff to start,
found Buchness after awhile,
then finally saw Tele-Todd, and then Tomi in the tele clinic
Kim took the kids home after lunch, and I stayed to ski,
longest ski day of my season and was glad Tomi didn't want to take any more runs after the clinic
thanks for the ride home!

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