Saturday, July 05, 2008

lucky break

Was finally on my way to ride the new and already infamous Iceberg Trail in the Shed when this happened 10-minutes into the ride on a flat, easy, doubletrack section.

Lucky this didn't happen 5 minutes later on the rocky part of Salamander.
Or, Weds. night at the Wakefield race, or
a couple weeks from now on a certain descent of Wildcat.

At the start of this ride, Jody noticed that he had a bent seatpost that was on it's way to failure too. After my bar broke, Darius called Outlaws Joe & Julie to see if they were coming up the mountain, and they were, and brought along a variety bag of handlebars, stems, grips, and a seatpost. While we waited, we hit the PRBs a bit, and found several sidewall cuts on 2 of our bikes. We booted 4 or 5 places while waiting, then booted one more later on the ride.

As for my On-One Mary handlebar..., it was bought April 2007 and used the new Thomson stem with shims. Shims are supposed to prevent this from happening?

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reverend dick said...

OW. I just put a pair of those on...hope that's not a common occurrence with them.