Friday, July 18, 2008

final Wakefield

The last race of the summer Wednesday at Wakefield series is always a fun affair. Good friends, fast riders, the beer laps at Kilroys, the series awards, and the watermelon. Three and four years ago, when I was one of a few guys on "cheater bikes", I took home some gold and bronze hardware. Last year, I think I reached the podium once. This year, I barely stayed in the top-10.

No matter, I was in a dress, so what did I care? It took a bit of thrift shopping to find the right dress for mountain bike racing. I like a lightweight material, stretchy is good, and of course I'm a sucker for spaghetti string tops. A short or mid-length is good. Long dresses tend to make pedaling and straddling the frame difficult. Since I wore the same dress for the last 2 finales, and peeps were talking, I knew I had to find a new one. I learned a few things about buying and racing dresses:
I am not a Large size, I'm Plus
Thrift stores have very few cute sundresses for guys in my size.
It's weird to ask to try on a dress in a store.
It's best not to wear it to the office the day of the race.
It was hard to tell if the person ahead of you is in your class.
Your wife most likely won't be interested in borrowing your dress.

Pics courtesy of Mr. Voyeur T. Barsi

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Fxdwhl said...

you've got an eye for color coordination.