Sunday, January 28, 2007

White Grass, finally

Tomi on the skin track at White Grass on Saturday.

Skiing at White Grass is always a good time.
Tom and I spent the day trying to get all the continuous vert we could, and I came away totally worked. It is immensely easier riding a single-speed in Michaux than climbing up White Grass all day on burly gear. Actually, my gear wasn't really all that burly, I guess I'm just not fit enough for that yet.

We had a couple of great runs down Springer, a cool run on some singletrack off the top of Weiss Knob, and we eyed up a sweet looking glade hiding right there in plain sight. Untouched. Now, I'm kicking myself for not touching it. Yeah, it meant another climb, but was probably worth it. How much more tired can ya get anyway?

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andy said...

..immensely easier riding a single-speed in Michaux- damn and I thought skiing was like coasting. Glad to see you got it done. No more dreaming about snow dusted powerlines...