Sunday, December 10, 2006

way fast

Wow, no more braggin' about hanging with the Michaux locals.
Today's ride was quite spirited. Was pretty much the same folks as the last few, just a smaller group size, and no one was doggin' or bailin' early today.
Andy came up for the fun, and he and I pretty much pulled the rear most of the day, except for a few uphills where we had no choice.

Yesterday, I took Oliver and his 11 yr-old cousin Tiffany skiing at Whitetail's opening day. They each had a 3-hour Kids Mountain Camp and had a blast. Was Tiff's first time on skis, and she did superbly. She's such a great athlete and could easily become an expert skier. I hope to take them a lot more in the next few weeks. I got to ski for 3 hours too. I'm wrecked, I need a couple easy recovery days in the computer chair.

That Mountain Camp is great concept. They take your kids either for a morning session, an afternoon session, or for a full day. They get the rental gear in advance and take care of gettng it on them, so you don't have to schlep thru the rental zoo. They also provide lunch and snacks, and have indoor play for the yung-uns like Oliver. He got a 1-hour lesson out of that 3, Tiffany got 2.5 hours.


gwadzilla said...

that sounds awesome...

years ago I thought about moving away from this concrete jungle

my sites were a little further west


you are showing that you do not have to go far to find sanity

had a conversation with David Crouse about the notion of all the bullshit and hassles that we deal with in urban life

the advantages of a slimpier world
less hoops to jump through

andy said...

That was a seriously spirited group ride. There was no slacking just staying in contact. I was off the back missing turns, but it was fun chasing though.