Thursday, December 07, 2006

new default trail run

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I've been trail running a few times since I've been here, in Michaux, on the Appalachian Trail, and on the Tuscarora Trail. All of them are great places to run, but I've been hoping to find something closer to town, or, even in town.

So this afternoon I wanted a fresh air break from working at the computer and decided to head out for a run in the neighborhood. Wilson College is 2 blocks away from our house, and I've seen on maps, a road that goes behind the college out into the rural area which is road biking territory. If there really is a road through there, then that's an even safer way to get out to the good road ridin' roads. So I decided to run over that way and see what I can find.

Since it's still during the workday, I carry my Blackberry along just in case anyone really needs me, and I was expecting a call from my old boss. I run the 2 blocks down to the campus, into the parking lots and out the back of campus. I find a campus map sign at one of the lots showing exactly the road I was hoping to find. I run through the huge equestrian complex, find that road with no problem, cross the RR tracks, pass the organic CSA farm, and then see...., what's this?? A singletrack? An interpretive trail along the creek? Sweeeeeet. This trail rolls and rises up and down the banks of the creek. Not a sole around but me. My phone rings and it's my old boss. I plop down on a log under the Black Walnut interpretative sign, and spend about 20-30 minutes talking with him. After the call, I see I have some e-mail that I also promptly take care of from the trail.

I finish out the singletrack and then loop back and head for home on the roads. I think I've found a new default loop to run, right from the house, no driving, and great cell reception. Life just keeps gettin' better and better here in Chambersburg.

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