Friday, January 20, 2006

tragically nice weather

the temps today will be close to 60 degrees,
I think this is a tragedy.
it's mid-January,
the ground should be frozen,
if the ground would stay frozen for Dec, Jan, & Feb., we could all mtn bike on any local trails we want without doing any damage that we have to waste time repairing in Spring.
if the ground would stay frozen, White Grass and the lift-served ski areas could thrive,

since I've been keeping track of weather for work and play,
18 of our last 24 months have been warmer than the 30-year average,
I'm now hoping for a month and a half of solid winter for Feb-Mar.

why is this happening?

will Oliver be able to ski in the lower-48 when he's my age?
many scientists are wondering about that....

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