Friday, January 20, 2006

ahh, the bike commute

warning: this is a typical "journal" style blog, nothing really interesting will follow...

I rode to work today for only the 2nd time since ski season began in early December.
Not that I've been totally slacking,
been off for holidays and in Vermont a lot of that time,
been trail running on the way to work other times,
and have done plenty of general "leg work" to get in shape for skiing and running,
which I'd think would help for biking too.
so, why did those little bumps seem like big mountains.....

the reason I biked today is that all the other factors just worked out, not because of the tragically nice weather,
early in my ride, I was passed by a familiar pair of trucks,
for years, the concrete company's trucks pass me on Compton Rd. almost every time I ride,
there are usually 6 guys in each, crammed into their extended cabs,
for some reason, I feel comfortable knowing they're behind me,
I feel confident that they aren't going to hit me or yell at me,
maybe it's because they see me all the time and possibly expect me,
maybe it's the extra eyes to help warn the driver if he dabs for a second,
when they're behind me, I know that no other vehicle will be able to hit me,
when they pass by me, I smile and nod their way,
and then I get nervous again.

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