Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I added one of those site tracking maps to this blog, which shows where visitors live. I'm surprised that many people are visiting this site, so maybe I should start adding some more interesting and frequent content eh?. I took it off, way too slow..

For the first time in the 18 or so years that I've been riding and racing mtn bikes, I finally have an injury that's keeping me off the bike. I pulled a hamstring in a skateboard incident. Wasn't a wipeout, or an accident, or even a fall, but it's done a number on my leg for a while.

I came off the board,
board still rolling slowly,
I jump back on,
front foot makes it,
back foot doesn't and drags behind.
Front foot pulls away and rips my hamstring,
putting me into a deep split


gwadzilla said...

sounds like you just described me skateboarding
I was equally bad on ramp as on street

gwadzilla said...

how was Halloween?

I think that Halloween is my older son's favorite holiday
it lasted for two months in our house

I was glad when it finally ended
this weekend I am going to toss the pumpkins
then take down the Halloween lights
torn on the issue of costumes
as Dean loves to wear his various superhero costumes
built in muscles and all