Sunday, October 02, 2005

Buzzard Rocks

an unexpected shock blowout messing around on some hops the night before, meant
I'd be doing Buzzard Rocks on a SS and a rigid for the first time.
a good ride until we lost our mojo,
Joe endo'd and broke a spoke,
Pierre endo'd and broke his rear brake lever,
we had some tube issues,
our frames took some damaging rock scapes,
some legs did too,
we cleaned many of the sections,
Joe riding big!
we all loved it,
Pierre says he'll be back next week


JoeP said...

thanks for putting this ride together larry. that's an awesome trail.

Pierre said...

Ouch! Well, if I get out there next weekend, it might only be for hiking... My left thumb and index finger look like big fat sausages. Jammmed them up pretty good on same crash I broke lever. Lots of ice, might be able to hold bars nexr weekend!

Anonymous said...

You missed out on a 80 mile, 5 hour major drool-on-the-top-tube gravel road fest with Capraro in constant attack mode.
Ow, I am hurting.

camps said...

but i'd much rather be on Buzzard Rocks with a rigid fork....
it's nice to come off that ridge, not hurting

rickyd said...

Cool pic. Joe Pergano(sp?) looks scary!