Monday, September 05, 2005

The Shenandoah Mountain 100

My favorite race every year!
What a perfect day, and a fun race. Everything is always special about this season capping 100-miler, but to have it in weather like we have now is a bonus. It was great to race with so many friends and experience different parts of the race as I yo-yo'd my way up and back through the pack on my singlespeed.

I had a completely uneventful race, my favorite kind, and finished 88th overall and 12th single-speeder. No flats, no crashes, no unusual pain. My smoothest 100 yet?

One of my more articulate friends, who I spent a lot of the race with had this to say about the race.


rickyd said...

How do you like the bars? Better than flats with bar ends?

Matt Donahue said...

Great riding with you this year. Looking forward to the next 100 already!