Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cranky Monkey Series

Just to keep this blog thing going, I'll say that I had a great Cranky race series. Raced the single-speed category, and was lucky enough to have won 3 races and the overall (for which I won a very cool set of On-One Mary handlebars). I've been wondering if I'm sandbagging and should go "back" to racing Expert. When I first started SingleSpeeding 3 seasons ago, I did race Expert at Wakefield (there was no Cranky then). I suddenly shot up the scoreboard with my big gear and big wheels. I think I was 3rd for the Overall Series, and usually finished around 4th or 5th in each race.

Last season, for some reason, I wanted to compete against my own kind and raced the shorter SS race. I have to say that the shorter distance did, and still does, bother me. Out of the 4 races last year, I don't think I finished higher than 3rd. Judd, Evan, and Jed I believe won them all. This season, of the 4 Wakefields and 3 Crankys, I did not win 2 races, and had a sprint finish at another one. If the SS World Championships had not pulled away folks like Nick, Steve, Jed, Dave and others, I likely would not have won the last Cranky either.

So, am I sandbagging?


Nick said...

Larry you are such a sandbagger!
Quit worrying so much - I enjoy getting whupped by someone 33%older than me.

Crouse said...

Your not a sandbagger. You just got really lucky 8 times! Like nick said quit worrying. It wouldn't be the same if you left the SS category.

rickyd said...

My name is Dr. Joseph Pergano (sp?), and on behalf of the entire singlespeed category, we hereby nominate you to Expert status.

Just kidding. SS racing is all about juicy goodness, and only complaining if someone uses more than one gear. However, you shoulda shoulda shoulda gone to the SSWC and shown what NoVa brings to the SS game, yo!

Sajko said...

Don't hate the Player....hate the game!

JoeP said...

My name is Ricki Delagos (sp?) and I just wanted to let everyone know that I beat you to the top of the hill at the last Wakefield race. So no, you're not a sandbagger. And I look sooo hot in my gold skin suit... :)