Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day at the race

I had a good Dad's day at the first Cranky Monkey Wakefield race of the season. The race went well, and I had a good result in the Single Speed class, but I had a most interesting pre-ride, and I'm lucky it didn't carry over into the race. My legs were heavy from the previous day's effort of carrying large concrete chunks for the trail maintenance, so I needed to loosen them up as much as possible. I headed into the Bowl area for a quick warm-up. I hooked my handlebar end on one of those narrow tree-squeezes, broke off my bar-end, and hit the dirt. A few minutes later my pedal threads itself off the spindle, and I'm staring at a bare spindle. I look at my watch and it's 10 minutes till the noon start. I scramble around looking for my pedal in the leaves and dirt and start wondering from whom I can borrow a pedal, like immediately. I find my pedal and luckily was able to thread it back on (I've never seen this problem before...). I didn't have time now to finish the Bowl section so I just headed for daylight and the nearest road, bushwhacking through the woods a bit. I find a dirt road and pop out of the woods, onto Braddock Rd, across from the shopping center. Yikes! So, check my watch again and see I have about 7-8 minutes to book it up the road to the starting line. Luckily for me, my race was much less eventful. Father's Day is turning into a lucky day for me to race.

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