Thursday, June 21, 2012

forked again

The 1st sounds i heard after "I'm gonna try a pass on your left" were plastic and Styrofoam crunching into the trail. I stood up to hammer a move in the tall weeds and my front wheel found a big hole. Front flatted and flipped onto my helmet as the bike sailed 10 yds away. Took inventory as i started walking out and realized i was somehow unscathed, and had tubes and a pump. Took it easy the rest of the race, and had to let those fun rock jumps go by. Was getting toe overlap about 10 times/lap, which i've never had before. Turns out my fork has less rake now.

Fork shopping again now, not sure if I feel right asking IF for a third warranty.

1 comment:

brett said...

want my niner rigid fork?