Thursday, June 23, 2011

W@W 1

So nice to return to the site of former mediocrity last night and see so many old riding friends. It's great when my work day in VA matches the W@W schedule. Such a rippin' place to ride, with 3 crashes in a 1-hour race. The only one that was a goof-off was trying to manual the creek crossing.
Pulled up too hard
Got Upside down
clipped in
Wheels to the sky
ass in the water

That one put a spot of hurt on one arm and and another crash mashed my already mangled other hand. Gonna be nice to head to the surf in a couple days with a couple wounded wings and some freshly removed skin.

Earlier crash 50-seconds into the race put me at the back of the pack w/ no hope of making up many places.Special.
I'll hope for 2 rain-outs so I can make it to the last race on the make-up date.
I'll be kickin' some ass on that night.


gwadzilla said...

did you see that your creek crash was caught on film?

brett said...

beware the Larry Line.