Monday, May 16, 2011

RIP Aaron

riding home from work
an incident with a car
2 weeks later headaches
doctor visit
falls dead later that day at work

a SM racer
an elite swimmer
new dad
wife expecting again
so sorry to hear this


Howard said...

This is such a shame.
Makes me never want to ride my road bike again.
When you choose to ride on the road, you basicaly put your life in the hands of all the cell phone using, texting, makeup applying, absent minded, drunken, irresponsible idiots that operate vehicles.
No, of course, not everyone who drives falls under one of these descriptions but our roads are way too full of people who do.
I think cyclists should ride on the left side of the road, that way if someone is about to plow into you, at least you can see it coming and possibly avoid it.
I`ll take my chances in the woods, at lest if I wrap myself around a tree at 30 mph, it`s my fault!
RIP Aaron!

Anonymous said...

I raced against Aaron and was so impressed by his competitive drive and skill as a racer. I then met Aaron and was more impressed with the fact that he was a super nice person. It is such a tragic loss and this news made me so sad.

Anonymous said...

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