Friday, March 04, 2011

new track in the works?

An article in today's Public Opinion, none of the typical snarky comments yet.
Started a Facebook page for the meeting and track since we only have a month to mobilize. Facebook still confuses me, I set this up as a Community page. If you're a user, see if you can Like it or Friend it, or somehow show it love, if this link even works....

the park manager sketched this in 2005

south end of Michaux
Pine Hill Park
Waynesboro, PA

the Township Managers and Supervisors seem more charged up than the Chambersburg folk 3 years ago. One of the Supers races downhill with his kid.
They want it riding by July (we'll see...)
I'm not quite as optimistic/ambitious as they are, but it's their park, so they can really make it happen if they want it

Public Meeting for all interested bikers of all wheel sizes.
April 7th, 7:00
If you have ideas or opinions, or want to help choose the design, show up and be heard.
Pass along to interested parties, and I'll be pinging peeps directly too. Will be interesting to see how this progresses. Could it really be this easy?

for scale reference, the Chambersburg Pump Track would easily fit inside the skatepark shown.

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Anonymous said...

Must be that Larry wizardry behind the scene.
Since it is just a little bit out the way it would be nice if it were possible to *really* enjoy it on a road bike, as well, like you rode there, etc.