Saturday, December 25, 2010

not a bad place to ski
I left the Nikon in the car or coulda brought back some decent pixels of how much snow was away from the parking lot
glad i finally got there and checked that box. it was a good day for a quicky, and now I know what could be there

don't know what this is
but I expect it's going viral

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pabiker said...

I once kayaked the Clear Shade Creek which must be the drainage for that watershed. If I recall it was Class IV creeking, but then we found teh Dark Shade Creek which was much more interesting Class V creeking. Staircase ledge drops where the back of your boat was hanging out 5' in the air everytime you caught an eddy. That and a curly-cue wave surf to avoid getting stuffed under a ledge. Ahhhhhh.... The safety of mt biking.