Wednesday, August 04, 2010


have only rolled it around town so far
hops great
manuals great
wheelies easier than the IF
what else would I expect from a Jay da Hey designed frame
surely these attributes will translate into a shorter 100 time, right Jamie?

I remember a long ago Spring Maximus, probably cold and rainy, as we rolled down Bendersville Road to stage. I was in a tight pack, Jay is right in front of me and pulls a manual. I got nervous as I had nowhere to go if he went over or back. I had to keep telling myself there's no way in hell Jay deJesus is going to crash on a paved road. He sat down on the saddle, and wheelied the whole descent and cruised to a stop at Log Sled. Watched him feather the rear brake and keep the front afloat the whole way down.

these pics are for my benefit, I know most folks never liked geometry
I should be able to get at least one Michaux ride on it before the SM100.
have races the next 2 weekends and this new ride will probably be staying home. But Teaberry?? this bike is all over Teaberry. we'll see if the driver is though one week after Shenandoah

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brett said...

must say i'm pretty damn jealous. those are sweet riding bikes. glad you finally got it together.