Sunday, June 20, 2010


It's been done before in various incarnations, and the idea of a Trans-Michaux ride continues to pique interest in the local factions. This kind of ride comes with many compromises and it seems that knowledge can be your enemy.

Brett's to Old Forge, 36 miles, 7 hours, with a lot of time not moving. The pic below shows one reason for downtime at our drop stop

enjoying some more non-moving time here after fixing a tire slice from possible trail sabotage?

when we hit the truck for the commute back north, we all felt a bit of unexplained underwhelming blah. None seemed sure why though. How can 7 hours in Michaux not be good?
Why do these point-to-points feel so different from loops?


Nevada said...

Well it sounds like it should have been a great time. Maybe it was the company. Is that Jody I see?!!

Buck said...

I'm sure the love in cured all ills.

brett said...

dumped data into the 'puter last night. elevation gain of around 4200', and a loss of over 5000'.