Sunday, March 08, 2009

goin' on

a couple interesting bowls

Tried to make it to the Cupcake ride today. The 8AM one. There was another ride leaving at 9AM. I wanted to ride the 9:oo ride, but wasn't sure if the 9 had been moved to 8. The change to DST added another twist to the time, though I was confident that all in Cupcake Kingdom knew enough to change their clocks in the right direction. I planned to arrive at 8 for the 9AM ride. Problem was, I didn't know how to find the Evil Doctor's Secret Lair. I had verbal instructions from Possum from several months ago: Go past Jake's house. Turn left at the stop sign. Do some more stuff. Look for an orange cone. Turn left at the orange cone and look for happy men and bikes. There was probably some important detail in that do some more stuff part that I needed to know. Cells didn't work. Drove up some wrong roads, and discovered what would make a cool climb on a cross bike, Old Railroad Rd. Discovered also that it gates out onto Piney Mountain Ridge. The Subaru didn't make it under or around the gate. The ATV guys offered to build a ramp over the gate, but didn't have enough material for the landing side, and I didn't want to air drop that far. Soooo, back down Railroad Road and on to my second ride option. There was a ride leaving from the Furnace too. The time for that ride was a secret and I thought I'd take a chance. But it was obviously later than I was.... no one there. Not a bad thing, as that ride was going a lot farther than I needed today.

Good thing there were still two other Michaux rides to choose from, both leaving at 9 DST from the north and south.

She smiles and giggles a lot more since she started riding a 29er SS

The deer herds in the northern forest have been active lately, and it looks like their patterns have moved to heretofore unknown ridge sections. Smart deer I guess, trying to avoid hard packed dangerous roads.

Rode some new stuff. Good stuff. Rode some favorites. The north has it goin' on these days.


brett said...

Glad we made your list of possible rides--sounds like you had a pretty stacked social card.

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry-
If you need directions to Evil's I can provide them again. The railroad road is about a mile past Evil's driveway. We missed you