Sunday, February 08, 2009

3 days

our weekend view from the house
thanks to Mr. Million Vertical Feet!

Not a lot of pixels or words to capture the weekend. Lots of lunges, some jumps, some moguls. Quigley, Buchness, Brothers, all of them rippin' tele skiers. More friends stopped by for the party Sat. night.

Oliver skied comfortably from the big lift, Kim stuck her toe in the terrain park for a few runs, and my mogul skills went up a hair. Super-soft hero snow helps an awful lot with all that.

Friday, I was easily convinced to take the morning off and grab a session with Legend Withers and his Roundtop buddy. These guys can ski! Five seconds into the first run, and I knew it was gonna be a fast day. Frequent tailgates gave the legs a break.

Looks like a terrible week for temperatures. It's still too early to jump right into mud season. The mountain biking can't be any good right now. Some Wx geeks are predicting a strong and cold second-half of February into March.


Sajkovich said...

Time for road miles!

Barry said...

Larry, thanks again. Good times. Sure do love those big, soft, slow bump days. Lets hope mud season ain't here yet.