Sunday, October 05, 2008

scenery change

A rarity for me in Pennsylvania.
A marked, named, blazed trail, that you actually want to ride on.

DCNR saved a lot of money by making all these bridges with only one rail. Good for handlebar clearance too.

Insert caption here:

Things got interesting after this.


Tomi said...

neat section of woods up there ain't it.

trainwreck said...


"hey lookie here! i've finally found the asshole of the earth!"

pabiker said...

Did some winter hiking up there with the family.

Stubbie said...

"End of track". I like that sign. People I ride w/ would probably wish there were signs like that when they ride w/ me. I'm far too gluttonous to stop riding when the trail "thins out a little".... aint that right Buck.

Karisia_Limited said...

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