Wednesday, September 03, 2008


pic from the flood year, swiped from

Year --------- time
1999 ---------12:10
2000 ---------11:00--------(the flood year with the different course)
2001 ---------10:35
2002 ---------12:26---------(still sick stomach from TransRockies)
2003 ---------9:58----------(first year on single speed)
2004 ---------10:42
2005 ---------10:21
2006 ---------10:53
2007 ---------11:05
2008 ---------12:09
2009 --------- 11:04
2010 ---------12:39 -------(geared, chainring fun)
2011 --------- 11:45 ------ (back on the SS)


brett said...

impressive. and pretty consistent.

Barry said...

I remember your time for 2000'cause I was 1 minute behind you. You 11:00, me 11:01. Never been that close to you at any finish before or since.

The results and write up for that year are at

ray said...

2000...the year of the rain. i remember it well. shortened Braley's Pond loop...missed the fun stuff.

Peter said...

After my bedwetting dnf sunday, this streak you have put together is all the more impressive to me.

Good work Larry.


camps said...

Thanks for that time Barry,

how fun was that when we had to pass the entrance to the campground, and ride gravel roads for 10 more miles???

Barry said...

Yea, that sucked.

camps said...

Looking at all those old results shows that there will be a helluva lot of names added to the 1000-mile list next year.