Thursday, January 17, 2008

In need of some content, I offer a scene from today's sledding site with Oliver and the Mark kids. The snow was too wet and heavy to make it all the way to the creek. The snow is too wet to make for a good night ride. The snow is too little to open up any decent x-c skiing. But, the snow is enough to cancel Outlaw Joe's planned GW hooky ride tomorrow.

Saturday's snow, on top of this snow, may make Sunday's Buck-day ride interesting.

Have had a few decent rides lately, mostly with this crew. Joe has come up a couple times recently, and then I had this bit of a clustermark last weekend.


Fxdwhl said...

How much snow did you get? Should be froze solid by Sunday.

tomi said...

looks like just enough to make things interesting, ankle deep at most here in town.

riderx said...

We hit the Shed today, fun ride, worked hard for it though. Snow was just deep enough and with a little crust on top that when the trail pointed up it got tough quick. Great day out there overall, let's hope the rest of the weekend holds good.