Thursday, October 11, 2007

summer's over

I'm back home from my first night ride of the season.
First ride in wool,
first ride in the rain,
Started raining hard on H-1 Trail, aka Campsite 1, aka Hansel & Gretel 1,
we were all cold, and under-dressed,
we bailed on Yellow Ridge and took the freezing road descent instead,
my light was fading as we pulled in, way sooner than it should've,
guess I better pull out the manual and re-learn what that button does,
shivered in my car on the drive home with the heater set on 3,
felt the mud caked under my jeans,
thermo read 48 degrees,
I need to harden the hell up,
it's gonna get a whole lot colder and wetter than this

this was taken last night, out messin' around with Oliver,
when it wasn't cold and raining

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