Saturday, October 21, 2006

dinner with the new neighbors

Our new neighbors invited us over last night, and with the help of Tiffany's babysitting (again), we happily accepted. Somehow, we have ended up in a part of town with distinguished neighbors. The invitor has been a pharmacist in town since 1964. Their son is a doctor, and is Kim's mother's physician. His stated goal is to practice medicine and not have to charge anyone for it. He's leaving his current practice next year to work more towards that goal. The other neighbor & guest is also a doctor, and we have a Wilson College art profesor right across the alley from us. On the other side of us we have a truck driver & motorcycle rider, who also happens to be a Vietnamese soccer player. His job is to drive a double-trailer to Roanoke and back, 5 days/week. So I guess I won't be complaining to him about my 2-hour commute to VA. I'm hoping they all become good friends.

Our neighbors and Kim already knew each other's families, and their connections astound me at every turn of the conversation. Kim, and they, are well-rooted in this community. A wonderful meal and setting was provided, along with great conversations about the overuse of farm chemicals in the valley; incidence of birth defects; homebirth midwives; hunting trips; cabins, farms; geography, and the people and places of the area. I think, we're in a fine place.

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gwadzilla said...

my block is filled with wonderful people

I have friends in group houses
I know older more mature residents
then there are the people with the kids
and well
the people with the dogs

it is good when the people all agree and get along

or at least are civil and polite to each other

our block is pretty friendly