Wednesday, September 20, 2006


We just got word that the owners of this house in Chambersburg will accept our offer. We are thrilled to get this little house in town.

Use this map link to explore our new environment in Windows Local Live.
1 - our new house
2 - Ski Whitetail
3 - Michaux Maximus
4 - Curse of Dark Hollow
5 - Terror of Teaberry

Things are closer than they may look. For example, going from 1 to 3 is like going from Centreville to Reston.


Toby said...

ahh, that explains it. very nice house! not the west coast, but you are moving west.

gwadzilla said...

that is a nice house...

how does the move from the south to the north fee?

I guess on confederate holidays you can job across the mason dixon line

gwadzilla said...


I came by to tell you that I rode my long board yesterday

my son went biking with some of his friends on a closed section of Beach Drive
the skateboard was the perfect way for me to keep tabs on three young riders of different paces

camps said...

It feels good to leave the south,
but I was surprised to see a rebel flag yesterday in the Michaux race.

riderx said...

Glad to hear you got the house.

Plenty of Rebel flags flying up north. Strange the way people cling to the past.

andy said...

cool.. can I come be your groundskeeper and live in your basement? I bet Oliver is really enjoying this excitement. Is he better at packing or unpacking boxes?