Saturday, August 19, 2006

Quantico mountain bike racing

There's a mountain bike race next weekend on Quantico Marine Corps base, which I'm really hoping to compete in. Quantico will be like a homecoming for me, it is where I began mountain bike racing, in 1991. Yes, 1991. That's the same year Kim and I were married, and I remember nervously racing at Quantico the weekend before our wedding. This is our 15th year of marriage, and I've been racing mountain bikes for that long as well.

I'm looking though shoeboxes for an old photo from that race (we had film cameras then). I'll post it it I find it.


gwadzilla said...

15 years
that is quite an endurance race!

not mountain biking
we get off the bike
no matter what
we are still married

gwadzilla said...

I will be there

need to tune my bike