Saturday, June 17, 2006


Well, this ought to get the word out,
if anyone looks at this blog....


Anonymous said...

damn dude.
Pennsyltucky bound.
Lookin' forward to visiting you up at Michaux on the bike and Whitetail on the skis.
- nick

gwadzilla said...

I had not heard
where are you guys moving to?

taking the van and parking down by the river?

gwadzilla said...


downtown there are always swarms of kids at Freedom Plaza and other similar spots

more hanging out than skating

when I was in high school we used to love to go to Georgetown down by the canal and skate the brick quarter pipes
not so much for the tricks
more as something to do

they put a raised brick on the transition
I think people chipped that thing down

at this point
I am certain that kids could launch one
clear the canyon
and re-enter another

my friend Lawrence McDonald was so close
but he did not believe it could be done
like an adolescent jerk I told him he had done it before
so he went for it a number of times
always bailing at the last second

of course
sans pads
sans helmet
as that is how we rolled in the early years

I was a land dweller
total flatlander
for a while looked like highlander
now I am trying to work things like zoolander

gwadzilla said...

I will email you when I get to work

gwadzilla said...

I better get to work

Chi Chi Lagero said...

Damn campy, I was just getting to know I'm gunna miss you. Hopefully you'll still venture down south for some races. I can always visit to ride Michaux, or we can meet in the middle and tear up the watershed. Best of luck, I wish I was getting out of this area.

camps said...

so many people have called it "escaping".

I will actually be closer to Gambrill than I am from here. and I can see Michaux from there...

i'll certainly still travel for the good races.

gwadzilla said...

who is gwadzilla?
why is he stalking you?