Tuesday, May 23, 2006

longboardin', most fun on 4 wheels

I've been amazed lately at the number of kids I see on my bike commutes out riding longboards, and skateboards in general. My ride takes me through an older-style neighborhood where the majority of the kids seem to walk, bike, or skate to their elementary and middle school. I've been seeing several different pockets of skaters each day lately, most on longboards.
Speaking of longboards, the other day I was in Eastern Board Sports getting new wheels for my longboard, and tried out the CarvStik. Talk about fun! This thing sticks to the turns like mad. You can really put your weight into it, and you can keep yourself going by gyrating as long as your legs can stand it. The most fun I've found with 4 wheels for sure.


gwadzilla said...

did you buy it?

what long board do you have?

where and what do you skate?

I was never very good at skating
have been wanting to get back into it
as I am sure my boys will be at the skate parks soon enough

guess pops can put on the pads and carve some turns

but right now....
I am still without the right gear

gwadzilla said...

most fun on four wheels?

my thought was the most fun inside of a four wheeled vehicle

camps said...

A Sector 9, non-speed shape. Carve shape I guess. I skate mainly the neighborhood streets playing with kids. My goal is that every kid in this neighborhood learns to skate and carve.