Thursday, July 21, 2005

Single Speed, Multi Gender?

The final Wednesday at Wakefield Single Speed race was a blast as they all were. Nick got a flat midway through the 2nd lap and he dropped off my wheel. SteveD also had problems and dropped his chain 4 times which allowed me a lot of space. Thanks to all of the great competition, the PVC folks for running such a fine series, and The Bike Lane for the great support and prizes. Can't wait till next year.


gwadzilla said...

that is a great event
it would be cool if there were more events like this

a spring and fall event

not sure who would throw it together or where

I ride and daydream about creating more trails

build a little loop by FLETCHERS Boat House
and have some little training races there

gwadzilla said...

there was a woman single speeder named laura
she raced the single speed
and then I saw her breast feeding her young daugher while she watched the following races

it is great when people can keep a balance
especially women!