Monday, May 09, 2005

Greenbrier race

Yesterday was the big AMBC race at Greenbrier State Park in Maryland. I took Oliver with me. Julie, one of my Bike Lane teammates brings her daughter Rachel to many of the races to watch our kids while we race. It looked like it was going to be a tougher day for Rachel than for me given Oliver's early mood and week-long sleep deprivation, but Rachel took care of that right a way by taking him to play at the waters edge on Greenbrier's sandy beach. All was well after that. Thanks Rachel.

The race was tough, I wouldn't exactly call it a single-speed friendly course, but I'm always glad I ride that bike regardless. The coolest part of the race for me was late in the first lap, climbing up the big climb near the back of the campground when I saw another Bike Lane teammate, Dr. Kathy, my chiropractor, up ahead, with me, Dave Crouse and Kathy's husband Pierre right behind me. Four Bike Lane jerseys in a row. I slowly got around Kathy near the top of the climb due to my bigger gear, and then shortly after that she passed me on the top of the descent. How cool is that?? To be passed by your chiropractor on a rocky descent. I know my body's in good hands with her!

Dave passed me for good on the 2nd lap after trying to pull me along, and Pierre pulled out the monster legs and passed me (and many Experts) on that big last climb on the 3rd lap. A 5,6,7 finish for the Bike Lane single speeders. Dave now has the crown of fastest SSer on the team. I'll see if I can work on getting that back soon. A fun day for sure, and great to see everyone.

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