Friday, April 29, 2005

a rare Wakefield ride

I made it to the Thursday Night MORE ride last night, as all the necessary stars aligned for me to get out there. This was the night Pooch collided with another rider, and both were transported to the hospital for head evaluations. Pooch says he's just as damaged now as he was before the accident, and that he doesn't remember a single thing about it. Only a taco'd wheel and a cracked helmet to show for it.

After that excitement delayed the start, Joe P led 2 of us on a nice single speed jaunt through Accotink. Even though I used to live in the condos bordering the RR tracks, and rode here in the '80s, I don't know a single decent loop in this place anymore. Fun trails though. We later were joined by Ricky, and then Larry and the rest of the MORE rescue team for a fast spin through the new race course. It was great getting to ride with the group again. I appreciate the social aspect almost as much as the thrill of the singletrack.

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